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The unconventional advent calendar

I have been playing with devising an alternative advent calendar with a daily cultural planning thought, comment or notable bit of news, as I enjoy making web projects and also wanted to continue reflecting on some of the points which were raised in the course.  My project presentation as part of the course was about considering how to use online tools to make cultural planning accessible and understandable to a wide range of people, I felt that using a thought a day type approach was perhaps one way of doing this so I’m experimenting to see what results.  The cards are designed using the Firefox web maker programme, a free online tool which allows you to create various creative and interactive items for the web (templates are provided for you to remix, where you create half of the page in code then watch the result on the other half of the screen).

I will add links for each day, perhaps you could comment on the card content if you feel inclined to do so!


Some thoughts on cultural planning

cultural planning and cultural heritage- some reasons why it is good!
cultural planning and cultural heritage- some reasons why it is good!
Since we did the last session of the course I have been periodically tagging things on Twitter with #culturalplanning; some of these have been my own posts with photos, and others retweeting things of interest.  I thought I would compile all of these in one place for easy reference and discussion next week.

I enjoyed the visits to Paisley and Govan, particularly the new Govan Stones exhibition as the last time I visited was some time ago (2011, I had written a short blog post about the day out, also exploring some artistic and community facilities nearby).

At a Renfrewshire Witch Hunt day conference I also heard a little more about the stones and community projects

In researching some artistic venues I found a venue in Birmingham which combines the re-use of a historic building, arts and business space:

I spent a weekend joining in with Mozfest, a conference about innovations and ideas for digital participation, where there was a lifestream discussing archives and how these can be made accessible, and I learnt a new word “folksonomies” which is about the culture and heritage resources of people and place:

In revisiting some photographs, I found this (also used as the header photograph for this post) which gives a nice visual summary of some of the many reasons why culture and heritage are important

These few Tweets reminded me of all the different aspects of cultural planning, getting under the skin of why a place is important and the assets which an area has; thinking of all the positive things and opportunities for using these in creative ways to solve problems and address community needs.

Inspired by the work we discussed in the course I also looked a little more at cultural planning and found this interview with Greg Baeker on the AuthentiCity site:

AuthentiCity Interview with Greg Baeker from Greg Baeker on Vimeo.

I particularly like the thoughts about joined up thinking, connecting various professional disciplines of town planning, economic development etc and making cultural planning work through mapping. One of the things I like about the cultural planning short course is working together with people from lots of different backgrounds.. looking forward to the next session and hearing everyone’s ideas.